Commercial Painting Contractors in Swanley

Commercial Painting Contractors in Swanley

Commercial Painting Services we Provide in Swanley

Alongside our standard services at Commercial Spray-Painting, we also provide painting solutions for educational facilities and automotive dealerships.

Commercial Painting Solutions

Every commercial and industrial project introduces its own set of challenges, regardless of the size of the premise.

Such tasks demand not only meticulous attention but also advanced expertise. Our team of professional commercial spray painters is fully prepared with the knowledge and tools required to tackle even the most intricate and demanding projects efficiently. All the services provide:

Our variety of spray painting and coating services is versatile enough to meet the needs of any industry and any building type. Whatever your unique requirements, we’re prepared to devise a customised solution just for you. You can find out more by getting into contact with a member of our team.

Why Choose Our Services

There are various benefits associated with choosing us as your main commercial painting partner, some of which are listed below:

over 15 years experience


With more than 15years of industry experience and more than 4 years of delivering commercial painting services in Swanley, we are proud to offer you the greatest level of workmanship and customer service in your location.

Competitive prices

We closely observe our competitor's prices to guarantee you always receive the best value, preserving our services budget-friendly without compromising on quality.

20 year guarantee icon


We deliver a 20 year assurance with every one of our commercial painting services - no matter the scope of the project.

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Cladding Spraying: Is it worthwhile?

Yes! Enhancing your property with commercial painting solutions can raise its value by up to 10%. It’s an economical and sustainable choice that improves your property’s aesthetic without significant alterations. Commercial painting also protects your surfaces from UV and weather damage –  ensuring the makeover is both impressive and durable. 

Black Cladding Spraying
intumescent coating (full)

Does Commercial Painting Affect Business Operations?

If you’re worried that commercial spraying might interrupt your business, rest assured, we’ve got it covered. We schedule our work around your business hours, often during off-hours or weekends, to ensure disruptions to a minimum. Our team works effectively and uses fast-drying paints and efficient techniques so you will hardly realise we’re there. This way, we can give your space a fresh new look without impacting your daily operations.

The 6 Step Procedure To Commercial Painting

1. Initial Cleaning: The first step involves a thorough cleaning of the surface to remove all debris to ensure a clean base for painting. Depending on the site, different methods are employed.

2. Surface Repair: Any imperfections or damage such as cracks and holes are fixed to create a smooth surface that will enable for the paint to adhere well.

3. Masking: Areas which are not intended for spray painting are masked to prevent unintended paint application.

4. Coating: Using industry-leading equipment, the surface will be coated with several coatings to ensure a thorough and durable finish.

5. Drying and Setting: The applied coat is allowed to dry and set. The time required can differ based on the paint or coating material.

6. Final Inspection}: The last step involves inspecting the painted surface for any inconsistencies. Any necessary touch-ups are made to achieve the optimal quality and finish

Benefits of Commercial Painting

Increase real estate worth

The selection of cladding colours is vital! It might seem unexpected, but the colour you choose for your cladding can greatly influence the attractiveness of your property and could even boost its market value.

Coating presents a more cost-effective option when measured against the replacement of cladding panels. It gives an chance to extend the lifespan of the cladding without incurring the substantial costs connected to removal and replacement procedures.

Superior cladding paints and coatings provide added defense against ecological factors like UV radiation, rainfall, wind, and pollution. This protective coating serves as a shield, preventing corrosion, colour fading, and deterioration, thereby extending the longevity of the cladding composition.

Sprayed surfaces are simpler to cleanse and maintain. A fresh coat of paint can assist surfaces repel the gathering of filth and grime which consequently requires less attention and maintains your building looking clean for longer.

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