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Commercial Painting

Our experts in Oswaldtwistle,provide commercial painting services designed to refresh your warehouses with a modern update. Our skilled commercial spray painters utilise advanced spray painting technology to ensure consistent finishes that are not only visually striking but also long-lasting.

Commercial spray painting is distinct from traditional painting methods as it necessitates professional-grade equipment and a thorough understanding of the different industrial materials present in production facilities. Our high-quality paint ensures excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, bringing an aesthetic enhancement that goes beyond your property’s original charm.

Our crew of commercial painters and industrial spray painting professionals, which are accredited with IPAF, CSCS, PASMA, and SSSTS certifications, are skilled in this specialised painting technique. Educated to achieve perfect finishes on all surfaces–from expansive warehouses and car showrooms to hotel fronts, restaurants, flooring, and machinery–our professionals take great pride in delivering results of unequalled quality.

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Why Choose Commercial Spray Painting?

There are various benefits associated with choosing us as your main commercial painting partner, some of which are listed below:

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Including 20-year guarantees on all industrial and commercial spray painting projects, we stand behind our quality workmanship and durable finishes

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Professional Service

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals holding IPAF, CSCS, PASMA, and SSSTS certifications, ensuring expert service in compliance with industry standards.

over 15 years experience


Having more than 15 years of industry experience, our team of professionals excels in commercial and industrial spray painting, delivering unmatched expertise and quality results.

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Fast & Efficient

We tailor our services to align with your schedule, guaranteeing a swift and efficient transformation of your commercial site with minimal disruption to your operations

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Nationwide Service

We don't just deliver to Lancashire, we extend our services nationwide. Delivering our expertise and an exceptional service to clients throughout the entirety of the UK.

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We consistently adhere to the most up-to-date guidelines in order to prioritise the well-being and safety of our team, clients, and work environments. This commitment ensures that our operations are always conducted in a secure and protected manner.

Industrial painting specialists

Is cladding spraying worth it?

Opting for painting solutions for businesses can be a cost-effective and sustainable way to improve the visual appeal of your property without undergoing extensive replacements. Painting provides an efficient method to transform commercial spaces while protecting them against weather damage, guaranteeing a lasting transformation with results that increase curb appeal and at the same time protect and extend the investment’s value.

Regardless of your painting needs – whether it’s exterior renovation of commercial buildings, warehouse restoration, or protecting bridges with industrial spray painting services – our team of commercial spray painters have the expertise to provide high-quality finishes with enduring effects. Trust us to bring to life your visions of commercial and industrial painting projects!

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Our Commercial Painting Services

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Cladding Spray Painting

Over time, inevitable paint deterioration occurs. This is where our cladding spray painting specialists step in. Using top of the range cladding paints, we ensure a pristine and protective appearance which is sure to last up to 20 years.

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On-Site Spraying

Choose our on-site spraying for a hassle-free upgrade to your premises. We provide a seamless, efficient service, applying premium finishes on-site to rejuvenate your space with minimal interruption to your business operations.

Inside of commercial warehouse spray painted

Factory wall/floor painting

Our expert application of industrial-grade paints not only protects surfaces but also enhances light reflectivity and safety, contributing to a more productive and appealing workspace.

commercial roof top spray painted

Roof Painting

We apply coatings that not only enhance your building's appearance but also offer added insulation and protection from UV as well as protection against weathering effects.

car dealer ship spray painted

Car Showrooms

Our painting services for showrooms are designed to highlight your vehicles in a sophisticated setting. We focus on delivering a luxurious finish that mirrors the prestige of your brand.


Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of educational institutions, we apply vibrant, long-lasting paints that invigorate campus buildings and spaces, promoting an engaging and welcoming atmosphere for students and faculty alike.

Benefits of Commercial Painting

Increase Property Value

The selection of cladding colours is crucial! It might seem unexpected, but the colour you select for your cladding can greatly influence the attractiveness of your property and could even boost its market value.

Spraying offers a more economical alternative when compared to the replacement of cladding panels. It presents an opportunity to prolong the lifespan of the cladding without incurring the high costs associated with removal and replacement procedures.

High-grade cladding paints and coatings provide added safeguard against environmental elements like UV rays, rainfall, wind, and pollution. This protective coating serves as a barrier, preventing corrosion, colour fading, and deterioration, thereby prolonging the durability of the cladding material.

Painted surfaces are easier to clean and maintain. A fresh coat of paint can help surfaces resist dirt and grime, making the building easier to keep clean and maintain a professional appearance

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